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Examining the Myths about Building
a Successful Speaking Business

Kevin O'ConnorGuest Expert:

Kevin O’Connor, CSP
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The Program:

Do you believe that to build a successful business you have to be an aggressive marketer, a super-salesperson, or even a special person who did special things?

While you’re thinking about all those “requirements” for a successful business, perhaps your audience is finding you. They may not want aggression, super-ness, or special something. They want a connection with their problem.

Join us for an hour to re-examine the myths, and help your audience find you.

You will learn to:

  • list what you might be missing that clients really like about you.
  • describe that client who is knocking on your door but so quietly and sometimes so imperceptibly that we might miss it.
  • pay attention and utilize the approach others you meet and adapt it for yourself.
  • ditch the elevator speech and be able to discuss with anyone at any time what you can do for that audience and client in a memorable way ... since they might be a soon-to-be client.
  • identify tools at your disposal that can help the beginning speaker begin, re-energize the emerging speaker, and remind the expert speaker what else might be out there.

More about our guest expert:

Nido Qubein advised, “The magic is in the mix.” I’ve found that to be true: clients teach me as I teach them, students encourage me as we explore as I work with one another, the blind often see much more than I am ever aware.

Forty years ago I was invited to teach graduate students and have been doing so ever since. 35 years ago, an “accidental” 45-minute speech presented me with a lifetime pharmaceutical connection. My audience found me! 30 years ago, one of my books attracted the attention of an executive for a physician leader association who asked me to come and present for an hour at a conference: “If you are good, we may put you on the road!” A life-long learning collaboration began for me and physician leaders around the world. We continue to teach one another just as they continue to learn their clinical skills as they did in their medical training: see one, do one, teach one.

My “mix” consists of my three master’s degrees, teaching seven graduate school classes at Chicago’s Loyola University, presenting professionally 90 times per year primarily to physician and healthcare executive leaders, serving as a past-president of NSA-IL, currently co-dean twice yearly for NSA-IL’s Speakers Academy, and having worked with NSA National. I hold two professional licenses from the State of Illinois and one national clinical license. I volunteer all fees and travel for any program for the blind and visually impaired, was president of the National Association for Parents of the Blind or Visually Impaired, and support two organizations for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Your bio is probably similar to mine — we all have a “mix” that makes us who we are to others. Now the work is to be aware of those who want to work with us ... those who are discovering us.

The Mix! Nido was right!


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