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It’s Who Knows You: Deepening and
Leveraging Relationships to Get More Business

Andy LopataGuest Expert:

Andy Lopata
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Speakers, trainers and consultants often think they have stronger relationships with clients, prospects and contacts than they have. They are surprised when they learn someone else got an engagement they weren’t even called about. They scratch their heads, wondering, “Why didn’t they call me?”

You don’t want to miss out on even being considered for work with folks who already know and like you. But you have probably already missed some. How can you avoid this in the future by ensuring you’re on the short list to call?

Successful speaking businesses rest on strong relationships with your global speaking colleagues, clients, bureaus, other meeting professionals or our wider network. If you have developed deep relationships, you then have people who will refer you, advocate for you, provide you advice and insights, and support you. But you can’t just sit back and wait for that to happen.

During this session, Andy explores the nuances of how speakers, trainers and consultants can better build, nurture, and leverage strong professional relationships. He shares the techniques he used to build a global speaking business, work with many multinational companies, secure book deals with major publishing houses, and attract high flyers (sometimes literally!) as his podcast guests.

You will learn:

  • how to identify the gaps in your professional relationships that mean you are missing key opportunities
  • the “Relationship Matrix©” and how it helps speaking businesses to thrive
  • how to be strategic in building relationships without leaving people feeling “networked”
  • the 7 Stages of Professional Relationships
  • what stops us from asking for help
  • how to make it easy for your connections to support you

More about our guest expert:

An expert on building, nurturing and leveraging professional relationships, Andy Lopata was called “one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists” by the Financial Times and “a true master of networking” by Forbes.com. He is a podcast host, the author of five books on networking and professional relationships and has been quoted in a number of other business books.

Andy is a two-time board member and current President of the Fellows Community of the Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland (PSA), a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He was awarded the PSA Award of Excellence in 2017.

Andy’s clients and audiences over the years have included the BBC, Amazon, Paypal, Wembley Stadium, GlaxoSmithKline, Allen & Overy, HSBC, Brother International Europe, Wella, Hong Kong Broadband Networks, Said Business School, the Prime Minister’s Office in Dubai and many more.


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