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Be a Star of the Small Screen:
How to Film Yourself on Your Phone
so You Don’t Look or Sound Like an Idiot

Penny HaslamGuest Expert:

Penny Haslam
(About Penny)

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The Program:

Do you worry you’re missing out on opportunities by being a best kept secret? Would you prefer not to think about video, to promote what you do, and how you help? Does it frustrate you when you see another speaker shining on social media in a video?

You know it should be simple to record yourself on your smart phone (or computer), but it takes a ton of time and you rarely like what you see. So you don’t post it — on all those free to use platforms which can be so valuable to your business! Which means you don’t draw people to you ... which means you’re not attracting a following who would love to buy from you. Ugh!

How do you fix this? Penny, former BBC national television presenter, distills her vast experience in front of the camera so you can become a star of the small screen. Join us for this exciting and illuminating session!

In this fun and useful session, you’ll learn how to look and sound your best on your phone camera (or any video!) so people pay attention, engage with content they can easily follow, understand your offerings, and buy from you!

As an award-winning motivational speaker and former BBC presenter, Penny shares her pro-tips and techniques so you can use video comfortably to stand out in our busy marketplace.

You will learn how to:

  • stop feeling like an idiot on camera!
  • quiet your inner technophobe that screams when you begin to think about what’s involved
  • perform better and have more confidence on camera
  • be quicker at recording and sharing video than you are writing a blog!
  • get the inspiration for long-term content planning
  • engage your audience every time you press Record — and win more bookings!

More about our guest expert:

Penny Haslam is a former national business journalist and presenter on live television and radio. Her credits include BBC’s Breakfast Show, The Rolling News Channel, and national network radio stations.

Her coaching and training business, Bit Famous, works with businesses that want to enjoy greater influence by developing the communication capability and confidence of their leaders, emerging talent and sales teams, mainly in the financial, tech and manufacturing sectors.

Penny is also an award-winning professional speaker with many years’ experience. Her two books are the practical business communication handbooks: Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous — How to Power Up Your Profile and Get Known for What You Do, and Panel Discussions — The Ultimate Guide to Moderating and Appearing on Panel Discussions.


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