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Unlock the Power of Sponsorships:
Elevate Your Impact & Bottom Line

Myra CorrelloGuest Expert:

Myra Corrello, PhD
(About Myra)

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The Program:

Are you a passionate professional presenter looking to elevate your impact and your bottom line?

Becoming sponsor-savvy can unlock countless opportunities to create bigger, better, and more profitable programs and information products.

Imagine having sponsors lining up to support your podcast series, YouTube series, self-produced events, speaking tours, or even underwriting your book! The possibilities are endless.

You’ll learn how to:

  • explore creative opportunities to integrate sponsors seamlessly into your content and events
  • find and vet the perfect sponsors for your goals
  • gain invaluable insights into sponsors’ perspectives and ROI expectations
  • pinpoint what assets you can offer a sponsor
  • craft sponsorship proposals that captivate prospects and secure their enthusiastic “YES”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take your business to new heights, unlock new revenue streams, and create unforgettable experiences for your audiences. Join us and harness the potential of sponsorships to elevate your business.

More about our guest expert:

Dr. Myra Corrello has sat on both sides of the sponsorship pitch. As a former healthcare marketing & PR executive, she was the target of pitches on a weekly basis. She took what she learned from those pitches and applied them into her own speaking business — and as a leader in multiple trade associations. In both cases, Myra has been able to produce landmark events (including using exclusive clubs and hotels as well a professional basketball arena) that gave audiences once-in-a-lifetime experiences and while also producing unsurpassed revenues. One self-produced speaking event returned 28 times its initial investment! Myra is passionate about helping speakers tap the exciting and lucrative world of sponsorships.


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