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Joel WeldonGuest Expert:

Joel Weldon, CPAE
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The Program:

You’re an experienced presenter. You know tiny adjustments can have massive returns in audience connection, and therefore, repeat and referral business. Most experienced presenters think they are already pretty darned good — and they are! After all, people pay to hear them.

But what if you could learn from the experience of someone who’s coached over 10,000 speakers, as well as having given over 3,000 paid presentations? Would you like to learn tips that can improve your presentations?

For over 45 years, Joel did no marketing, had no sales people, no demo video or sizzle reel, used no speakers bureaus and just waited for the phone to ring. He used the exact same plan Walt Disney used when Disneyland opened in 1955. You can do the same thing when your message is all about your audience and not you!

Joel’s presentations are so memorable, key points can be remembered decades — yes, decades! — later. Would you like to hear some of his uncommon tips that will sear into your memory, and make you an even better presenter?

You’ll learn how to:

  • open your presentation with 3 words that immediately connect you to your audience
  • end your talk with even greater impact, compelling your audience into action
  • incorporate one word that can change the tone of your message
  • understand three words to help you determine what you should talk about in any situation

More about our guest expert:

Joel Weldon is a legend in the speaking industry and has been inducted into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame. He’s been paid to speak at over 3,000 events and has coached over 10,000 business professionals on how they can be even better at communicating; whether that’s speaking to an audience or a prospective client. Some people can do, and some can teach. Joel Weldon can do both ... very well!


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