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Accelerate Your Amazon Book Sales, Before,
During, and After Your Book Is Done

Paulette EnsignGuest Expert:

Paulette Ensign
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The Program:

Are you a book author who has published (or intends to publish) a book on Amazon?

Do you wish, hope, pray, and sprinkle pixie dust on that uploaded book, expecting sales to magically appear because your book is on Amazon, doing nothing more to market your book?

Maybe you don’t know how, don’t want to, or think marketing is a drag. Money is too scarce to hire an effective, available assistant to help promote you or your book. You have no time to market or fill orders, and other things keep you from marketing your book and making sales.

You proudly brag about selling 1,200 copies of your book so far and hear that’s really good. Except you have no idea who bought those books and no way to reach out to sell those buyers anything else.

Well, now you will! Some astute book advisors realized a very acceptable, high-integrity way to bring your Amazon buyers to you and your website. That approach not only helps you as the author, it helps your buyer, and even helps Amazon!

We’re taking the simple yet powerful approach those astute book advisors recognized and going beyond it, in very do-able, high-integrity ways.

In this session, you’ll discover how tips products in various delivery formats can accelerate your book sales. Your tips products accelerate your book sales before, during, and after your book is done.

You will learn how to:

  • create a new marketing tool *and* new revenue stream all in one.
  • benefit your customers, yourself, and Amazon from your approach.
  • expand your information product line, credibility, and presence effortlessly.

More about our guest expert:

Paulette Ensign and her Tips Products Publishing Agency team have helped thousands of Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders do that. Focusing on licensing and wholesaling their content, clients have mirrored her success in selling over TWO MILLION copies of her tips booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” in several languages and formats without a penny on advertising. Paulette shows you how tips products uniquely accelerate your book sales before, during, and after your book is done and distinguishes you from among the crowd. You can be next!


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