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Audience Alchemy: Connect, Captivate and
Forge Unique Bonds with Your Audiences

Ken SkyBrian CroftGuest Experts:

Brian Croft and
Ken Sky
(About Brian and Ken)

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The Program:

Whether you are doing a virtual masterclass, group training, seminar, conference, or product launch, you want to deliver the absolute best experience to the participants. You need the experience to be engaging and exceed expectations. The problem is that most virtual meetings and events lack engagement and fall short of their goals, which makes you feel exhausted, disappointed and frustrated.

Many presenters struggle to transform what once were “in-person presentations” into effective online experiences. Not to mention being overwhelmed by the tech.

Elevate your speaking journey to new heights with Audience Alchemy, a fast-paced and exhilarating adventure for the most committed professional speakers.

Two experts of visual communication — charismatic entertainer and virtual event authority Ken Sky and elite presentation designer Brian Croft — explore leading-edge techniques and tools to transform presentations into unforgettable experiences.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Uncover new secrets of audience enchantment with the groundbreaking “Cynosure Model.” This eight-stage roadmap is your passport to becoming the indispensable “North Star” for your audiences.
  • Command attention with bold promises and big, outrageous questions: Captivate your audience from the get-go and never let them get away. Craft compelling promises and pose provocative questions that not only pique interest but also set a course for transformative outcomes.
  • Choreograph an unforgettable experience: Hone your ability to craft novelty, manage expectations, and amplify your message so it sticks.
  • Narrate to motivate: Explore advanced tools and techniques for storytelling that transcend the routine. Your narratives will not only engage but also inspire immediate, impactful action.
  • Balance story and connection: Master the art of intertwining your narrative flow with deep, emotional audience engagement. Your message will not just be delivered; it will resonate on a personal level, creating a genuine, lasting connection.

Audience Alchemy is more than a webinar; it’s a transformative journey. Seize this chance to refine your artistry in speaking and leave an indelible mark on every audience you face.

More about our guest experts:

Ken Sky is the Founder of the Audience Connection Academy, specializing in creating three-dimensional interactive experiences online and in person. With a background as a professional magician, speaker, coach and virtual event producer, Ken offers a unique ability to combine multiple skill sets to enhance any event.

He is a virtual event specialist and has produced countless events in the industry that drive results. He's an expert at the simple (and advanced), but essential, strategies to produce virtual meetings and events that are effortless, engaging and deliver results.

As the founder and chief solutions architect for Visual Congruence, Brian Croft has pushed the boundaries of presentation design technology to create truly original, animated visuals for professional speakers, trainers, coaches and corporate clients.

Brian is the primary presentation design resource for dozens of main-stage speakers, some of whom have described him as “a secret weapon,” a “magician,” and “pure magic.”

Brian is also a thrice-published non-fiction author and expert in effective communication messaging.

Brian Croft | Ken Sky

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