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Seven Legal Risks of Using Generative AI
in Your Business

Heather Pearce CampbellGuest Expert:

Heather Pearce Campbell, IP & Business Attorney
(About Heather)

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The Program:

If you are using Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT, Claude) in your business, you need to understand the legal implications. Do you know the potential pitfalls that entrepreneurs, professionals, and online educators face when using generative AI? From privacy concerns to copyright infringement risks, you need to know how to navigate this complex legal landscape effectively.

If you don’t fully understand the do’s and don’ts, you may find yourself in sticky — and potentially costly — legal unpleasantness. Heather will help you understand how to avoid this.

You will learn:

  • how privacy regulations impact the use of AI in business operations;
  • about the risks of using AI-generated content as it relates to copyright infringement;
  • how to protect yourself from potential defamation or negligence claims arising from AI-generated output;
  • how to ensure compliance with marketing and truth-in-advertising regulations when using AI for promotional purposes; and more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain crucial insights and strategies for safeguarding your business against legal liabilities associated with AI. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate the AI landscape safely and responsibly.

More about our guest expert:

As an attorney and legal coach, Heather Pearce Campbell, JD, is fiercely dedicated to safeguarding world-changing entrepreneurs and small businesses through her self-founded legal practice, Pearce Law PLLC.

Heather is also the visionary behind The Legal Website Warrior®, an innovative online platform providing legal education and support to information entrepreneurs such as coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers, and authors across the U.S. and around the world. Additionally, she offers customized legal tools and contracts tailored to entrepreneurs, empowering them through strategic coaching to more effectively lead their businesses.


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