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Cultivating $100,000/Year Clients™:
How to Stop Chasing Single Speaking Events
and Start Creating Wealth

Brian LeeGuest Expert:

Brian Lee, CSP
(About Brian)

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The Program:

Selling individual speaking events gets tiresome, and you can go broke on this model. Leveraging your client relationships makes much more sense as well as being more lucrative. There are key elements to make this happen over and over again.

Brian is a master at the long-term model. He’s delineated four key components to large contracts. Whether you’re a keynoter, trainer, or consultant, you can take away ideas that will apply to you.

You will learn:

  • The philosophy you must have that underpins everything
  • Key strategies to make 6-figure clients possible
  • How to nurture strategic alliances that lead to large deals
  • How to deliver executive briefings that increase chances of the big contract
  • Why creating and promoting systems are crucial to large sales

More about our guest expert:

Brian Lee, CSP, is one of North America’s leading experts in the field of world-class patient satisfaction and employee retention. Brian is a bestselling author and sought-after presenter in the healthcare industry (having presented in all 50 states of the US, 10 Canadian provinces, and 14 countries worldwide).

His publications include “Keep Your Nurses for Life,” “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” and “How to Satisfy Every Customer, Every Time.” In addition, he has published more than 60 audio and video training programs, including “Essential Secrets to Become the Healthcare Employer of Choice.”


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