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A Roadmap to Writing Engaging Non-Fiction

Chris Clarke-EpsteinGuest Expert:

Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
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The Program:

If you were writing fiction, you’d need a plot, a setting, and a few characters before you put pen to paper.

What about approaching a non-fiction project? What do you need to create an reputation-building, insightful, and engaging blog post, article, or book? Where do you start before you even begin writing? How do you keep the momentum so you finish? What if you get stuck? How do you ensure you end with a bang?

Join Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP, known as NSA’s “only writing is writing” expert as she shares a plan for successful non-fiction writing.

You will learn:

  • two behaviors necessary for getting off to a fast start
  • the five elements embedded in the creative non-fiction writing process
  • crafting the big finish that will elevate your non-fiction writing well above average
  • other practical tools

More about our guest expert:

Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP is a lover of words, reader of books, and teacher of writers. Her Writing 101 series webinars have inspired participants to write with both confidence and enjoyment.

As a past president of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a recognized expert of how change affects individuals and organizations, she is uniquely positioned to help writers change their writing habits to increase the impact of their words on a page. Author of and contributor to thirteen books and numerous articles, Chris has shared her writing philosophy, talking about writing isn’t writing; only writing is writing with thousands of eager students around the world.


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