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Selling to Decision Makers

Learn no-nonsense approaches to get through to and speak to decision makers so they will hire you.

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Maralynn Adams
Bonni Scepkowski
Frankly Speaking: Insider Advice (Most) Meeting Planners Won't Share with Speakers
with Maralynn Adams & Bonni Scepkowski
Recording  $15

Jane Atkinson Become a Wealthy Speaker by Revamping Your Marketing
with Jane Atkinson
Recording  $15

Robert Bradford Think Like a CEO: Get More Business by Getting into Their Heads
with Robert Bradford
Recording  $15

Jan Carothers You Can Make Money Serving the People Who Serve Us: The Pros and Cons of Government Contracting
with Jan Carothers
Recording  $15

Chris Clarke-Epstein Proving Your Worth: Showing Your Presentation’s Value to Increase Bookings and Fees
with Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
Recording  $15

Finding and Cultivating New Business: How to Qualify and Interest Decision Makers
with Lois Creamer
Recording  $15 Transcript  $20

Joan Eisenstodt Become Invaluable to Meeting Planners: Tips from an Über-Planner
with Joan Eisenstodt
Recording  $15

Josiane Feigon Connecting with and Selling to Power Buyers
with Josiane Feigon
Recording  $15

Deborah Gardner What Clients Are Buying During the Pandemic and Beyond
with Deborah Gardner, CMP
Recording  $15

David Garfinkel Copywriting Secrets for Infopreneurs: The Right Words Can Help You Sell a Lot More Speeches, Services and Products!
with David Garfinkel
Recording  $15

Jeffrey Gitomer Dominate the Platform and Your Market Segment
with Jeffrey Gitomer, CSP, CPAE
A special 4-session webinar series

Strategies for Attracting High-Payoff, Long-Term, Repeat Clients
with Paul Goldner, CSP
Recording  $15

Selling to the Corporate Market: The Who, What and How of It
with Mitchell Goozé, CSP
Recording  $15

Joon Han Tap the Millions of Dollars That Fortune 500 Companies Are Dying to Spend on You
with Joon Han
Recording  $15

Roger Harrop How to Get Full-Fee Bookings in Today’s Market
with Roger Harrop, FPSA, PSAE
Recording  $15

Voice Mail Magic: Building Your Business by Phone
with Melinda Henning
Recording  $15

Linda Hollander Top 5 Ways to Attract Corporate Sponsors
with Linda Hollander
Recording  $15

Ron Karr Chutzpah 101: How to Approach Top Dogs to Sell Speeches, Sponsorships, and Products
with Ron Karr, CSP
Recording  $15

Jill Konrath Make a Mint By Giving Away Your Expertise (webinar)
with Jill Konrath
Recording  $49

Jill Konrath Getting to Corporate Decision Makers
with Jill Konrath
Recording  $15

Paul Larsen Expand Your Client Base and Maximize Your Revenue by Adding Executive Coaching Services
with Paul N. Larsen, CPPC
Recording  $15

Steve Lishansky Executive Coaching: Powerfully Increase Your Long-Term Revenue and Client Impact
with Steve Lishansky
Recording  $15

Winston Marsh How to Get 5 Paid Bookings in the Next 5 Days
with Winston Marsh, CSP
Recording  $15

Bill Russell “Speaking” Corporate — A Former Executive’s View
with Bill Russell
Recording  $15

Lisa Ryan Smiling and Dialing Your Way to a Six-Figure Speaking Business
with Lisa Ryan, CSP
Recording  $15

Shawna Suckow Getting Through to Meeting Planners
with Shawna Suckow
Recording  $15

Jerry Vieira Prospect Triage: Identifying and Separating Those Who Are Great to Work With from Those Who Aren’t
with Jerry Vieira
Recording  $15

Close More Deals: Power Selling for Those Who Hate to Sell
with Steve Waterhouse, CSP
Recording  $15

David Yoho Secure More Business with Fewer Clients
with David Yoho, CSP, CPAE
Recording  $15

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