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These seminars occurred within the last few months. They are also listed in the topic categories at right.

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Rochelle Rice Enhance Your Poise, Presence, and Power to Wow Your Audiences (webinar)
with Rochelle Rice, CSP, AS
Recording  $49

Chris West The Complete Guide to Virtual Presentations: Setup, Equipment, Marketing & Delivery of Highly Profitable Virtual Presentations (webinar)
with Chris West
Recording  $49

Robbie Samuels Design Engaging Virtual Events to Be More in Demand (webinar)
with Robbie Samuels
Recording  $49

Charmaine Hammond Sell Beaucoup Books with Sponsorship
with Charmaine Hammond, CSP
Recording  $15

Robert Middleton Generate Creative Marketing Ideas in Turbulent Times
with Robert Middleton
Recording  $15

Matt Holt The Realities of Book Publishing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
with Matt Holt
Recording  $15

Alan Stevens Going Remote: How to Set Up and Deliver Exceptional Speeches and Presentations from Any Location (webinar)
with Alan Stevens, FPSA
Recording  $49

Joe Calloway Turning Disruption into Opportunity: Reinventing Your Business to Weather Any Storm
with Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE
Recording  $15

Jan Carothers You Can Make Money Serving the People Who Serve Us: The Pros and Cons of Government Contracting
with Jan Carothers
Recording  $15

Tami Evans ShowBUSINESS; Crafting Connection to Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Business
with Tami Evans
Recording  $15

Nate Woodbury Transform Your Business with a $400/Month Employee: How to Outsource Operational Tasks to Assistants Abroad
with Nate Woodbury
Recording  $15

Jeff Tobe Coloring Outside the Lines™: Ideas for Making More Money in This Crazy Business
with Jeff Tobe, CSP
Recording  $15

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