SpeakerNet News Program Recordings

Using Referrals, Alliances and Your Clients
to Get More Business

Learn how to propose alliances for mutual benefit, help your clients help you get more business, and create referrals that continue to fill your pipeline.

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Joanne Black Keep Your Phone Ringing in Tough Times: Using Referrals to Drive Business
with Joanne Black
Recording  $15

Charles Byrd Explode Your Product Sales with Zero Marketing Costs: The Art and Mastery of Joint Ventures (webcast)
with Charles Byrd
Recording  $49

Christine Cashen How to Have a Full Calendar with No Marketing
with Christine Cashen, CSP
Recording  $15

Myra Corrello Unlock the Power of Sponsorships: Elevate Your Impact & Bottom Line (webcast)
with Myra Corrello, PhD
Recording  $49

Andrew Davis Becoming a Highly Referable Speaker (webcast)
with Andrew Davis
Recording  Free

Deborah Durham Leverage Your Speaking Expertise into Paid Spokesperson Assignments!
with Deborah Durham
Recording  $15

Caelan Huntress Boost Your Business By Collecting Referrals and Testimonials
with Caelan Huntress
Recording  $15

Andy Lopata It’s Who Knows You: Deepening and Leveraging Relationships to Get More Business (webcast)
with Andy Lopata
Recording  $49

Brady Patterson Use Joint Ventures to 10x Your Speaking Business (webcast)
with Brady Patterson
Recording  $49

Marc Pitman Creating a Certification Program: Blissful Experience or Waste of Time? (webcast)
with Marc A. Pitman, CSP
Recording  $49

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